Potage Parmentier

Well, I have been inspired in a whole new way recently.  I started reading Julie and Julia , the book that the popular movie from this summer was based on.  Before it became a book, it was a blog.  The book and the blog chronicle one woman’s quest to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Well, I’m not going to attempt that!  But the book has been inspiring me to try some yummy new recipes.  I don’t have Julia Child’s famous cookbook, but it’s amazing what you can find on the internet!  Potage Parmentier is fancy talk for “Potato and Leek soup.”

“Potage Parmentier smells good, tastes good, and is simplicity itself to make.” ~Julia Child~

“The think you learn with Potage Parmentier is that ‘simple’ is not exactly the same as ‘easy.’ “ ~Julie Powell~

Potage Parmentier, adapted from “The Way to Cook” by Julia Child

4 C. sliced leeks (clean thoroughly)

4 C. peeled and diced potatoes

6 to 7 C. broth (use vegetable broth for WFPB)

salt, to taste

2 TBS. butter or margarine

4 TBS. half and half (or unsweetened plant milk)


Bring the leeks and potatoes to a boil in the broth.  Salt lightly.  Simmer for about 40 minutes, or until vegetables are tender.  Mash vegetables with a fork or potato ricer.  Or puree with a hand blender or in a food processor.  Add butter and cream, and simmer for another 8 minutes or so until soup thickens slightly.  Ladle  into bowls, and garnish with parsley or chives.  

Are you ready to try Potage Parmentier?  Go for it!


“There’s something about peeling a potato.  Not to say that it’s fun exactly, but there’s something about scraping off the skin, and rinsing off the dirt, and chopping it into cubes…Something about knowing exactly what you’re doing, and why.  Potatoes have been potatoes for a long, long time, and people have treated them in just this way, toward the end of making just such a soup.  There is clarity in the act of peeling a potato, a winnowing down to one sure, true way.” ~Julie Powell~


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