Honey-Lemon Chicken

I have been on a big lemon kick lately.  I made the most amazing lemon bread a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll post that recipe soon!  But the other day I was flipping through a little self-made cookbook that my friend Barbara had made and found this recipe for Honey-Lemon chicken.  It was so easy and really tasty.  I cooked up some cous cous to go with it and it became a meal.  Enjoy!

Honey-Lemon Chicken from Barbara

4-6 chicken breasts or 6-8 drumsticks (I like dark meat so I guess you know what I chose!)

salt & pepper

1/4 C. oil

1/4 C. honey

1 tsp. paprika

1 egg yolk, slightly beaten

2 Tbs. lemon juice

2 Tbs. soy sauce

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

Season chicken with salt and pepper and place in a baking dish.  Combine remaining ingredients and mix until well blended.  Pour over chicken and bake uncovered for 1 hour or until tender. (It will be a little less if you  are doing drumsticks.)  Turn chicken and baste several times while chicken is cooking.


2 thoughts on “Honey-Lemon Chicken

  1. This recipe is AMAZING! I love it! It’s going to become part of my normal line-up! Thanks Kimbie!

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