Thanksgiving Inspiration

I’m sure many of you are preparing for the big day ahead.  I myself have had such a busy Fall that Thanksgiving had barely even registered in my mind as coming up soon.  But suddenly, without warning, the yearly email that I receive from our Thanksgiving dinner hostess extraordinaire, Lori, showed up in my email inbox.  And I once again began to consider, as I have in many years previous to this one, what I would contribute to this year’s feast.

You see, this isn’t an easy decision for those who have a great love of cooking.  If you could see my internet bookmarks and my Google Reader, and the thousands of recipes that I tuck away there (my own virtual cookbook) for just that right occasion, you’d know that choosing is not an easy task!  Appetizer or Roll?  Dessert or Side?  All of the above??!!!

I haven’t ever gotten to host Thanksgiving Dinner in my own home.  My apartment is generally too small, and it really is the one time per year that I really love gathering together with 30+ people.  And that would just not be pretty in my cozy little apartment.  Lori Beyar to the rescue again! 🙂  But if I WERE to host Thanksgiving dinner.  And if I actually had TIME to cook ALL the dishes myself…what would I make?  So here’s my little guide to Thanksgiving dinner, if you are needing some inspiration.  I certainly wouldn’t make ALL of these things.  But take a gander and see what strikes your fancy.  Happy Thanksgiving!



Turkey – two variations

  • Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey from PDub (I’ve never made a turkey, and if I’m going to consult anyone, it’s going to be the queen, the Pioneer Woman herself!)  Step 1: Turkey Brine .  Step 2: Roasting
  • Deep Fried Turkey : We have this every year in my hometown for a “Thanksgiving in July” kind of party.  Try it!


Sides (just some ideas)

Hint: Sometimes Casserole Recipes call for “Cream of Something Soup”  For a healthier option – make your own Cream Soup substitute.  We can’t even get cans of soup like this in Russia – so this substitute is a must for us!  And trust me, it tastes better!

Bread (again, so many options!)

Dessert (let your sweet tooth get the best of you, just this once!)


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