The Bad Vegan

I almost did it.  I almost changed the name of my cooking blog to the bad vegan.  🙂  I mean, I’ve been following an 80% vegan diet for the last 2 months and I thought, well, why not make it blog official?  But the truth is, I ain’t here to teach no one about veganism.  Because I’m not a good vegan.  I’m a bad one.  I eat vegan about 80% of the time.  I cook mostly vegan, whole-food, plant-based meals at home, and I always look for vegan and vegetarian options when I’m out at restaurants.  I can make a mean soy iced latte.  I no longer use sugar in most of my baking and I don’t put it in my coffee.  I also don’t really bake with white, all-purpose four anymore.  Yeah, if you look around this site, I’ve made some changes!

But I’m a bad vegan, not a good one.  I eat eggs twice a week.  Gasp!  When I get invited over to friends’ houses for dinner, I eat what they make for me.  And I’m grateful!  I still love meat, let’s be totes honest here!

So what caused the shift to my bad veganism?  Well, about 3 months ago I started feeling exhausted ALL THE TIME.  And that got old really fast.  I went to the doctor, he checked all the usual suspects: thyroid, cholesterol, blood sugar, OH MY!  It turned out my blood sugar and triglycerides were super high, and if I didn’t change something, I was at a high risk of becoming diabetic.  NO THANKS.  “Try a plant based diet,” my doctor said.  “See what it does for you.”

All I can say is, my exhaustion is gone, I feel better, I have more energy, and I’ve lost 18 lbs. (So far). I ain’t here to preach about veganism.  You all know I love good food.  And that hasn’t changed.  I still live in Russia too, and it’s not the friendliest country for vegans, though it’s getting better.

I’m still the cooking devushka, but just doesn’t really quite have that nice of a ring to it.  So you’ll be seeing more whole-food, plant-based recipes on here.  The old standards will stay on the site and I’m not sayin’ I’ll never post a sugar-laden treat ever again in my life.  But this shift, it’s been a good one for me.  And I hope you’ll enjoy some of my new tasty recipes!


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