Hi!  My name is Kim, and I’m the main cook here at cookingdevushki! I love cooking and baking, but have the unique challenge of figuring out how to do that without all the conveniences of things like “Bisquick”,  “Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup,” and cake mix.  I live in Moscow, Russia and I love it here!  Some of my fellow “cookingdevushki” in Moscow might share some fun tips and recipes from time to time here as well.  One thing we’ve learned, you really can’t live in Russia and not know how to cook.  Otherwise, most of your meals will be spent at McDonald’s or eating the chicken shayrma off the street!  Those are ok once in awhile, but we’re the types of devushki who want wholesome, tasty, home-cooked fare that has easily-identifiable ingredients! This is my creative outlet for posting tasty, “mostly” preservative-free recipes and fun stories about the adventures of cooking and baking in a country where the words “chicken” and “cinnamon” are only one letter different.  See you in the kitchen!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kim What a Fun blog! I’m glad you found away to express your talent over there. I signed up to follow your blog and added your site to my blog roll… Miss you. Julie Dawkins

  2. Wow! My experience is just very similar to yours, but in a mirror reflection))) I am a Muscovite in Boston who really loves eating well and who is struggling through the omnipresence of Bisquick and all sorts of precooked foods)))

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